Builder gel ANS Light Cover 40 gm

Single-phase construction gel {%NAME1%} used for professional modeling of artificial nails. Ideal for modeling nails both on forms and tips. {%NAME%} {%NAME1%} from nail brand {%BRAND%} perfectly self-levels, has excellent adhesion characteristics to the natural nail and high strength.

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It is necessary to take into account the specifics of purchasing goods remotely. The color in the photograph may differ from the actual color of the product, which is due to color distortion on the monitor, camera settings and other factors.


Original ANS products are intended for professional use only by a certified nail technician. To properly use ANS nail brand materials, you need to take specialized courses.


Information about the general shelf life of the product and the period of use after opening is indicated on the packaging. By placing an order on the official website of the ANS nail brand, the buyer agrees that the expiration date after opening begins from the moment the order is received.

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